SCULPTURA [Sculpt-it-your-way] Shapewear Clothing

SCULPTURA® is in the business of Body-Sculpting Fashion. We develop beautifully crafted garments that subtly transform the human form by accentuating the body’s contours not just compressing them. Recently we launched the first ever Sculpt-It-Your-Way Shapewear Clothing Line beginning with dresses.

By Women, for All Identities

Declare your authentic beauty, cultivate self-love and get out there and crush it. Our innovative SCULPTURA® [Sculpt-It-Your-Way] Shapewear Dresses are designed by women to help do just that. We love to create curves that inspire a sense of independence, glamour, and give everyone the confidence to succeed.

Our SCULPTURA® dresses make even the flattest derriere and bust-area look sculpted and sexy. And the point here is that when you look fierce and feel empowered, you can achieve just about anything in life. Time to celebrate.  

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5 Curve-Loving Styles to Choose From

Our innovation came to fruition in response to the current “make me curvy” moment that we find ourselves in today. The fact is we all have a mission and a purpose and ultimately technology is here to enhance our lives.

Each of our dress styles feature an inbuilt wireless bra area, 4-way stretch fabrics, and interior pockets that cradle optional curve-enhancing accessories in the bust and booty area which combined create the perfect silhouette for all shapes and sizes.

What's the Secret Behind SCULPTURA®?

Our patented [do-it all] body shaper and removable curve enhancing accessories that are built-in for ultra's a first!

Patent No. US 10,021,928 B2

SCULPTURA® is the only all-in-one contouring and shaping dress that can fix figure issues whether you’re hour glass, straight, curvy, or anything in between.

And positive “enclothed cognition,” the influence that clothing has on a wearer’s psychological processes, is included in every dress!

Studies show that when you are wearing beautiful, high-quality, well-fitted and styled clothing, you will not only feel extraordinary, but you are more likely to treat yourself and others better and have more energy and success. Although we acknowledge that clothing doesn’t define a person, we know that a great dress like SCULPTURA® can positively change a person’s body image and exert a powerful influence on their self-perception and confidence levels. SCULPTURA®, with its customizable features, can help anyone look and feel even more empowered, confident, and comfortable. Our SCULPTURA® dresses honor, respect and pay tribute to the feminine form.



We all have a mission and a purpose and if we look and feel confident we can pull anything off and experience life on our own terms. 





NEW SCULPTURA® [Sculpt-It-Your-Way] Shapewear Clothing! 

In addition to our all-in-one body contouring dresses, SCULPTURA®’s fashion related intellectual property has applications across other apparel categories including plus size, post-mastectomy, and gender non-conforming fashions. Stay Tuned!