FAQs About SCULPTURA® [Sculpt-It-Your-Way] Shapewear Dresses

What Sizes Are SCULPTURA® Dresses Available in?

SCULPTURA® dresses are available in XS (0-2), S (4-6), M (8-10) , L (12-14) & XL (16-18). Please see "Perfect Fit" Size Chart for measurements.  

Do SCULPTURA® Dresses Come With a Specific Bra Cup Size?

Yes. Each SCULPTURA® dress size is assigned a specific Push-Up Bra Cup size: XS (A Cup);    S (B Cup); M (B Cup); L (C Cup); XL (D Cup). These are the default sizes, however, different/additional Push-Up Bra Cups (A - D) can be purchased separately.  Click here to purchase additional "Body Sculpting Tools". If your natural bra cup size is larger than the size of the default push-up bra cup assigned to each dress size, we suggest you consider purchasing a push-up bra cup that is one size larger than the default size. 

Can I Use a Different Size Bra Cup in the Dress?

Yes, SCULPTURA® dresses were engineered to cradle different sized Push-Up Bra Cups. For the best look and fit, it is recommended that the Push-Up Bra Cups not exceed more than one size larger than the default size assigned to each size. For example, the default Push-Up Bra Cup size for a M dress is a B-Cup but a C-Cup will fit comfortably into the secret pockets of the wireless bra in the dress.  Click here to purchase additional "Body Sculpting Tools".    

How do SCULPTURA® Dresses Sizes Run?

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes so we recommend that you check our "Perfect Fit" Size Chart for the exact measurements of our SCULPTURA® dresses so you can select the size that will result in your perfect look, fit and feel. Our beautifully designed outer dress is constructed using a high-quality Ponte di Roma 4-way stretch fabric and the carefully engineered lining is made out of a Polyester/Spandex mix with moisture wicking and anti-microbial finishes. If you are in between the sizes listed in our "Perfect Fit" Size Chart (i.e. 6-8) you can choose either the S or the M size depending on your particular measurements and shape, however, if any of your measurements are closer to or larger than the measurements of a particular size, it is recommended that you select the larger size. (M instead of S). The measurements of our fit model are as follows: Size S; Dress Size 4; Height: 5' 8"; Bra: 32C; Waist: 26.5"; Hips: 37".      

Must Push-Up Bra Cups and Booty Pads Be Worn?

No. Our Patented SCULPTURA® dresses help you create your perfect curve-loving silhouette and fix figure issues whether you choose to add our "Body Sculpting Tools" or not. The choice is always YOURS!

Do I Need to Wear a Bra or Shapewear?

No. We've created a new category in clothing! There is no need for push-up bras, body shapers, shapewear, shaping briefs, slips, or any other figure enhancing garments because everything is built right into our patented SCULPTURA® dresses!

Do "Booty Pads" Come in Different Sizes?

No. At this time, our SCULPTURA® Special Tapered Silicone Inserts a/k/a "Booty Pads" (one of our "Body Sculpting Tools") are available in one size. They are kidney shaped, nude in color and help create a rounder and more lifted appearance of your booty. The combined weight of the Booty Pads is 300 grams/10.6 ounces. Click here to purchase additional "Body Sculpting Tools".  

In What Direction Should The "Body Sculpting Tools" Be Inserted Into The Secret Pockets In The Lining?

When inserting our exclusive "Push-Up Bra Cups" into your SCULPTURA® built-in wireless support bra pockets (from either the side or top, depending on the style), the thicker portion of the cup should be placed towards the bottom of the bra. When adding our special Booty Pads into the built-in pockets located in the lining at the back of the dress, the flatter side of the pad should face  towards the body and the straight edges of the pads should face each other. Depending on your specific size and shape, the Booty Pads can be inserted so that their wider portion of the pad can face either towards the top of the pocket or the bottom. Whether you add the "Body Sculpting Tools" to your SCULPTURA® Fashions dress or not is ALWAYS your choice!      

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and many others. 

What Type of Shipping Is Available? 

SCULPTURA® [Sculpt-it-your-way] Shapewear Clothing is a new luxury fashion label that prides itself in manufacturing high-quality, smart, sophisticated and comfortable figure enhancing garments that are Made in New York, U.S.A. Our dresses are meticulously packed in-house and then shipped via USPS. Shipping times vary but items typically ship between 1-4 days. Our goal is to make sure you enjoy a fabulous experience from the time you order your SCULPTURA® dresses up through the time you unwrap your luxe box set, then wear your magnificently designed garments and accessories. Excellence cannot be rushed.    

NOTE:  Garments purchased from our curated collections (Non-SCULPTURA® Shapewear Clothing) are manufactured and shipped from all over the world, including Australia, Italy, France, Vietnam, China, and other countries, so please be patient with shipping times. Shipping times vary but typically occur between 2-10 business days. An email with tracking number will be forwarded to you automatically when your order is shipped.

What Is the Return & Refund Policy? 

Please read the Return Policy Details for information about SCULPTURA® [Sculpt-it-your-way] Shapewear Clothing and Non-SCULPTURA® Shapewear Clothing Refunds & Returns.       

Do You Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes. Commissions start at 10% and are earned from the sale of any SCULPTURA® Couture garment sold using your exclusive affiliate link. If you are interested in participating in the SCULPTURA® affiliate program, please click HERE.