We hate pulls in our stockings and tights as much as you do. Brush up on something sharp, catch them on a fingernail or the zipper of your bag—snagging your tights is too easy! Luckily, repairing them on the fly can be just as effortless. Here are five tips for fixing and preventing those dreaded snags:

  1. Spray hose and tights with sticky (cheap) hairspray to help prevent runs. Apply clear nail polish to temporarily fix them.
  2. Darn with needle and thread...but only on mesh, Lycra and nylon
  3. In an emergency, double up tights. The snags probably won't line up.
  4. Wear the correct size...less chance of popping your finger nail through...and buy a size up just to be safe.
  5. If you've got a massive run and no amount of polish can save you -- excuse yourself and head to the powder room. Then....take your tights off and put them back on....backwards! MAGIC! Out of sight, and out of mind.