Lash Out!

"Lashes make everything better" and recent innovations let you completely up your lash game. 

One product that can make your eyes pop and finish off any fashion look are magnetic eye lashes. While the first generation of magnetic falsies—which come in sets of two that connect over your own lashes—are easy to apply (no glue required!), they can be heavy and even slide off. Former pageant queen Laura Hunter came up with a fix: magnetic eyeliner and lash system. The liquid liner in Hunter’s Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kits contain non-toxic, FDA-approved iron oxide, which attracts a single strip of lashes. Apply the black liner as you normally would (you can even add a cat-eye), then let it dry before attaching individual lash strips. And super cool mini anchor magnets are included and they add a bit more stability or hold. Get your Tori Belle MAGNETUDE® LASH ESSENTIALS KIT today!